Most of the time we begin at the end: we start with the behaviour we’d like the patient to engage in BEFORE we adress the following:
  1. Do we have a change based relationship or does the person feel that we are in charge?
  2. Does the person know exactly what is expected of them and is the person ready to do the hard work of change?
  3. From the myriad of behaviour change techniques (at least 96) what strategies are best for this situation and why?
  4. What are the psychosocial determinant of behaviour issues that need to be taken into consideration?



What is the big deal? Isn’t it obvious what people should do? Check out this video…..

Assessing Readiness Using The Traffic Light Method

Below are a series of videos that depict the use of the Traffic Light Assessment. These videos are categorized into Green light, Yellow light and red light outcomes

Working with People in Yellow Light Situations

Working with People in Red Light Situations